What are some Kitchen essentials to get for a home?

Cooking is not only about having the right food ingredients and using the right cooking method and procedures; the quality of your kitchen essentials matter too. If your kitchenware is of low quality and barely useful for your tasks in the kitchen, you will end up disappointed most times with your cooking.

If you are shopping for kitchen essentials in Norway, it is important you find the right companies that have been reviewed by several Norwegians. You can read reviews about Bakern og kokken on Norske Anmedelser to find the right company to buy your kitchen essentials from. Here are some of the kitchen essentials you should have:

Sharp knives

Every professional cook knows the importance of sharp, high-quality knives in the kitchen. Useless and dull knives make your work slow and frustrate all you do. Your foods won’t be diced or sliced the way you want and that can affect the overall result. However, take note that high-quality doesn’t necessarily mean you should get the most expensive knives. Stock your kitchen with knives that feel comfortable and balanced in your hands. Besides, sharp knives help you cut food better and you don’t have to expend too much muscle doing so.

Cutting boards

These are very invaluable in the kitchen. They protect your counter from been destroyed by knife cuts, keep your knives sharp and allow you to easily transport the food you cut. You should go for hardwood such as walnut, maple, etc. because of their sufficient space. You don’t want your food to be rolling onto the floor when you are cutting them. Also, ensure your cutting board is within reach.

Mixing bowls

From time to time, you will need to mix two or more ingredients before you cook them. a mixing bowl will come in handy here. It helps make your meal preparation less messy. It is advised you go for stainless mixing bowls so that you won’t worry about food ingredients staining the bowl. Other nonreactive material will do too. For more efficiency, buy your mixing bowls in different sizes so that you can use them for many things. If you are particular about aesthetics, buy colorful ones as they will brighten your kitchen.

Measuring cups and spoons

Have two or more sets of measuring cups and spoons so that you won’t have to be washing and rewashing whenever you need them. Measuring cups and spoons are used to measure food items, especially when baking. They are also used to dish food. There are other purposes they can serve in your kitchen as well.


If you are looking for a perfect tool for shredding your cheese, you should get a grater. You can also use this kitchen gadget to shred other food ingredients like carrots, apples, potatoes, etc. Graters with smaller holes can grate spices, ginger, garlic, etc.


If you are a lover of fruit juices, you need a good-quality blender. With it, you can make dips, soups, smoothies, etc. Ensure you get a good one for your kitchen if you want to enjoy using your blender. The major difference between a blender and a grater is that a blender makes your food smoother than a grater. However, the best form of each food is determined by you.