8 German Products That Are Worth Buying

Germany is renowned for producing goods of the highest quality. At the same time, German shoppers are well known for quality over low prices – which in German is referred to as price/quality ratio, as known as Preis-Qualität-Verhältnis. De.collected.reviews have numerous reviews about the various store; you should read some of these reviews before purchasing any products.

The ratio of price to quality is Preis-Qualität-Verhältnis. In short, Germans would prefer to pay for better quality, but the price must still be affordable.

Having this in mind, it makes sense for you as a student, immigrant, or someone going to German to also buy quality products.

Here we list some of the best things you can purchase in Germany – for yourself or as a gift to another person.

1. German Chocolate

German chocolate might not be as popular as Switzerland or Belgium, but Germany is home to some of the world’s best chocolate. Germany is one of Europe’s largest chocolate producers and consumers.

You should make an effort to pick up some if you are travelling to Germany. This is also the perfect present to take home from Germany.

2. German Cookbook

Germany’s cuisine may not have the world’s best reputation, but it doesn’t mean that everything is terrible. As far as soul warm winter food is concerned, few kitchens can compete with German cuisine. You need to get this cookbook if you want to explore German food when you get to German.

3. Gummi Bears

One of the best German candies you can find is the gummy bears. Hans Riegel, Sr. invented the gummy bear (or Gummibär) in Bonn, who quickly established Haribo after finding out what a popular invention he made.

In almost every German shop like Sim and supermarket, you can find gummy bears. You can also purchase some of your other popular sweets, including worms, cola bottles, and wine gums.

4. German Knives

Germany is known for the high-grade knives manufacture and Japan and is a favourite of chefs and caterers. If you are going to Germany to work in a restaurant or own a restaurant, this knife is a knife you need to add to your kitchen, even at home.  These are often hard to get outside of Germany, so consider choosing a set for yourself (or need to gift someone who is a fan of food).

5. Cuckoo clocks

Another great product you can pick up while in Germany is the cuckoo clock from the German Black Forest. Cuckoo clocks of different quality are available all-around Germany, but you have to go to the Schwarzwald for the most authentic and high-quality clocks.

The Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Association certificate is the easiest way to recognize an authentic cuckoo clock. The label attests that a manufacturer is a genuine manufacturer of traditional cuckoo clocks, following the strict practices which all official manufacturers must follow.

6. Birkenstock

Probably one of Germany’s most renowned brands outside the country is Birkenstock. In Neustadt, about 30 km from Bonn, is the comfortable shoe manufacturer, although they are in any shoe dealer in Germany.

There is a Birkenstock shop located in Berlin’s Neue Schönhauser Straße or Bad Honnef and Schmallenberg if you are looking for a bargain. You can also search online for different stores that sell this product.

7. Haus Shoes (Slippers)

In addition to outdoor shoes, Germans wear slippers (and make them). Although you can purchase slippers anywhere, the quality in Germany, with an intense obsession with getting a good pair of hausschuhes, tends to be significantly better. In every German shoe store, you can pick a good pair of slippers.

8. Beer steins

Beer steins are another fantastic product you can buy in Germany. Flea markets can be an excellent place to find steins but be careful: just because there is something on the flea market, that doesn’t mean it is an antique market.